Promoting the excellencies of this territory, which are mostly farm and food related, is among the main objectives of the foundation.

In this sense the reopening, by the family Coli, of a local food store, the only one in the town, and the recovery of ancient olive groves which had been abandoned for years, represent the first steps in this direction.


In the store today there are, besides the basic necessities, typical local products: lentils, grains, legumes, wines, olive oil, various types of artisanal grain pasta, flours from ancient wheats produced by local farmers who are trying to revive ancient traditions, and vegetable sauces.


The ancient olive trees, cured and revived, will produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in a few years time. Small local productions, a focus on the authenticity of raw materials, the revival of ancient customs of cultivation: these are the values that the foundation will support to help visitors get to know how good local products are and to incentivize the revival of farm and food businesses, with a particular focus on young local businesspeople.