One of the main goals of the Foundation is to conserve and increase the appreciation for the historic heritage of this town.

Out of this goal, in fact, came the idea to create a foundation for Compignano. Spending time in his hometown, Augusto Coli realized how necessary it was to take concrete and immediate action to ensure that this ancient town be conserved.

First and foremost, the restoration of the bell tower, damaged by the earthquake in 2009, whose bells had not been ringing for some time, a strong identifying symbol for the residents of Compignano. During the restoration of the bell tower and the containment walls of the land on which it stands, there were also other restoration works done, including the the priest’s quarters.

Some time ago, the Coli family had also financed the remodeling of the little music school next to the Philharmonic. All spontaneous initiatives, born from the love and gratitude for a land and its people and from the realization of just how urgent and necessary it was to show some signs that things were changing and of vitality.

These first signs peaked the interest of the Church, in particular the archbishop, who grasped the great potential of what was happening. That is when the project of the foundation began to take shape, an entity that due to its own characteristics, will also act as an aggregator of events and projects for the territory, involving various skills and professional figures.