The Compignano Foundation collaborates with local associations and cooperatives. Here is a brief description of what they do:

Social – Cultural Association Campo di Giano

Established in the 1990s with the main goal of promoting the safeguarding, appreciation and conservation of the artistic and historical heritage of this area, the association Campo di Giano has promoted several initiatives over the years. Among these are the historic reenactment of the ancient Patron Festival of the Holy Crucifix, the news about the old water supply cistern and the Musical Band of Compignano and the Philharmonic House, the chronicles about the building of the bell tower and the fusing of the new bells, published for the occasion of its recent restoration; the evening dedicated to the Great War, with the readings of the memories of Campignano citizens from the trenches, the exhibition of never before seen photographic material and of objects and documents dating back to the First World War. The association has also contributed to the remodeling of a 16th century building, once a convent, which it owns, located in the historic center, and given to use since 2014 to the social cooperative Nuova Dimensione as a family residence for children waiting to be adopted (Casa di Pollicino). Among the social and cultural promotional activities, there is the management of the public library, which for many years has enhanced the cultural life of Compignano, as well as the promotion of amateur theater, a continuation of the local tradition, made easier by the presence of the theater at the Philharmonic House. The association also works in the conservation of the historic church archives through the cataloguing of rediscovered ancient manuscripts and the subsequent setting up in 2004 of an exhibition, currently reorganized at the Church of the Crucifix, also called Compagnia della Morte.

Cooperative Nuova Dimensione

The social cooperative Nuova Dimensione, founded in 1981, believes in the centrality and dignity of humans. When faced with psychological, physical, social or relational distress, society, families and work places are not always able to respond correctly or help people avoid solitude or marginalization. Nuova Dimensione, through listening to the needs people have and through the services they offer, contributes, in collaboration with this area and its institutions, to bettering the quality of life of those that it comes across during its daily operations.

Association San Cristoforo A.N.S.P.I.

This association organizes events and recreational activities that bring people together and are held in the garden and buildings of the church. It also manages the club-café in the town square, which is the main meeting point of the community of Compignano. There are many food and wine initiatives organized throughout the year, including a dinner at the end of July for the Festival of Saint Christopher (San Cristoforo), as well as charity events. The main activity of this association is the Living Nativity, now in its tenth edition and a very important event for the community of Compignano and for the entire municipality, which attracts many visitors.

Philharmonic Society

The oldest association of the town, established in 1899. In the 1930s it built its own building, the Philharmonic House, which, besides being where the band practices, it also has a small theater which is used by many generations of townspeople for theater shows and festivities. The building, which was recently remodeled while maintaining its original architecture, continues to be a fundamental meeting point for the community. Since its founding to today, the Philharmonic has had a fundamental role in the area of cultural and social promotions, not just though increasing interest in and a passion for music with their classes for students and musicians and with public concerts, but also by promoting festivals, cultural day trips, and participation in important local and national events.